Gluten & Grain Free | Organic | Non-GMO | Paleo | Vegan | No soy, gum, refined sugars, eggs, dairy

Whether you're a valued customer or new to our bread, we're excited for you to try all of our flavors!

  • Everyday, our original flavor, works perfectly with any meal. 

  • Rosemary compliments savory meals and adds delish flavor to any sandwich or grilled cheese.

  • CinnaSpice is an amazing breakfast treat, especially as French Toast...even enjoy for dessert! 

  • Everything perfectly blends garlic, onion, poppy seeds, and toasted sesame seeds. Can we say cream cheese, butter, ghee, sandwich or eggs? Delish!

Our handmade artisan loaves are a medium-sized round loaf that yields 12-16 slices depending on the thickness. It is about 6" round and weighs approximately 1lb 3oz (567grams). The bread does not come sliced. Fun fact - the bread gets softer once toasted. This is a filling bread and made with the highest quality organic, real food ingredients! To learn more, please click here.

Toast! Toast! Toast! We highly suggest you toast the bread and some people even like it double toasted. Toasting changes the taste and texture of the bread. Store in the fridge or freezer in an airtight container. If not planning to eat the bread within 4-5 days, slice and place in the freezer for up to 6 months.

We ship on Monday and Tuesday. 

For guaranteed Monday shipping, please order by Friday 12 PM PT. 

For guaranteed Tuesday shipping, please order by Monday 12 PM PT.

We always bake extra and will fill orders until our bread basket is empty.

Order Online for Pick Up - AWG Bakery in Laguna Hills, CA (right off the 5 between Oso and Crown Valley) is open Monday and Tuesday from 12-4 and Holistic Nutrition Center by John Wayne Airport, Newport Beach. Please order online or call ahead to place your order. See you soon! To learn more, please click here. 

For a list of store locations, please click here.

By signing up for the subscription above, you can enjoy the convenience of your bread arriving to your door on your schedule at a discounted price! To learn more, please, please click here.

For the list of our amazing ingredients and nutrition facts, please visit Everyday, Rosemary, CinnaSpice, or Everything. Just scroll half way down the page for this helpful information.

After years of not having bread due to a gluten-free/Paleo lifestyle, I decided it was time to create one. I could not find a bread that checked all of these boxes and actually tasted good. I'm excited to share my bread that you will actually feel good about eating, has beneficial nutrients, and tastes delicious! Enjoy your delicious freedom! - Hanna
To read more about Hanna's story, please click here.

Our bag and label are 100% compostable. To learn more, please click here.

All Flavors Variety 4-Pack

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Where to start?! I had yet to find a gluten free bread that I truly liked when I stumbled upon AWG Bakery and HOLY MOLY!! SO SO GOOD!! You can’t go wrong with any of these breads! My personal favorite is the Rosemary, toasted with a drizzle of olive oil! They are all truly amazing!!

The Holy GF Grail!

I love that I can get all of my favorite breads all in one package. It’s great to slice them all up, place them in the freezer and pull out a slice, or two, or ten to fit whatever I need that day. CinnaSpice is my go to for weekend French toast (the kid’s fav), Everything Bread for my cream cheese and lox, Rosemary for a lunchtime grilled cheese, and Everday for, well, everyday!!! Saving on shipping is a plus because these don’t last long in our family!

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