Mama Meals

We are SO excited to share Holly's wonderful company with all the new moms! On the first Friday of every month, you are able to pick up your order from AWG in Laguna Hills (delivery fee can be deducted from your order). Holly's organic meals are so delicious, and her outstanding knowledge of food helps her create just what a new mom needs to heal. She delivers within Orange County and Los Angeles, and hopefully soon they will offer 2 day shipping. We LOVE supporting woman owned businesses, and hope you will take a moment to see her fantastic creations. 

Why Mama Meals?
Postpartum, aka the 4th trimester, is a sacred time of physical and emotional healing. The body must replenish lost nutrients, produce breast milk and rebalance hormones all while bonding with a new baby. Our ancestors knew that new moms should avoid cold, raw, dry, crunchy foods in favor of warm, soft, easy-to-digest meals that promote healing.

How It Works
We source the highest quality ingredients, cook them using ancestral principles from Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, and Weston A. Price, then deliver them frozen to your doorstep. We offer complete meal packages, build a box, lactation treats, healing teas, deluxe treats, and DYI mixes. 

Meet the Founder
Hi, I'm Holly. My first postpartum was a struggle. I ate the wrong things and ended up constipated, tired, and feeling blah all the time. Before my 2nd was born, we prepped and froze 60 postpartum specific meals to have ready, and WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I recovered quickly, my husband spent less time cooking, and life in general just felt easier. I started Mama Meals to bring this traditional wisdom to moms everywhere!