A Step Beyond Gluten Free... Not only are we gluten free, we are grain free (NO rice, corn, oats). Did you know ALL our breads are made with organic ingredients you know and can pronounce? Fun Facts - our bread does not fall apart when you slice thin, toasting changes the flavor and texture (it gets softer), and our bag and label are compostable. We are very grateful you found us, and want to help you enjoy bread again!

Meet Hanna, The Founder

After years of health issues and not having bread due to a gluten-free/Paleo lifestyle, I decided it was time to create one. I could not find a bread that checked all of these boxes and actually tasted good. I'm excited to share my bread that you will actually feel good about eating, has beneficial nutrients, and tastes delicious. Also, we are very proud to be woman and family owned. Enjoy your delicious freedom! - Hanna

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WELL + GOOD, Thank You!

We are SO excited to share this fantastic article written by Lauren Wicks. She loves the bread and wanted to share her thoughts with the world. From a health perspective, Nathalie Rhone, MS, RDN, CDN also shares her insightful opinion. Since we started, our goal has been to help people enjoy bread again. We are very grateful for these wonderful words!

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Our Newest Blog!

- Hanna's Favorite Toasts & Tales -
As the creator behind AWG Bakery's delicious gluten and grain free bread, Hanna gets many questions ranging from being a mother who owns a small business to what is her top pick for bread flavor. In this Blog, she shares some of her favorite toast-creations and fun stories!

Q and A with Hanna

Read What The Experts Are Saying... And Eating!

Katie Dunlop Love Sweat Fitness

Katie Dunlop, Founder & CEO, Love Sweat Fitness

"This makes living gluten-free easy and delicious! Having hypothyroidism, I thought bread was one of those things I'd just have to give up on until I tried AWG. The taste, texture, and nutrients are unlike anything else on the market, grain-free."

Danielle D'Amico Functional Medicine Practitioner

Danielle D’Amico, Functional Medicine Practitioner

"Nutrition is the foundation of my healing programs and I am always testing and seeking new products that fulfill my strict requirements. Bread has been the trickiest replacement for people and until AWG I didn’t have an ideal recommendation. To read more, please click here.

Kristi Acuna Holistic Nutritionist

Kristi Acuna, Holistic Nutritionist

"This grain-free and gluten-free bread is so nutrient-dense and yummy that it's a hit and sells out with my staff and clients! AWG bread, not only can be used for sandwiches but can be used for your favorite breakfast, French toast! It's an organic clean pesticide-free food that you can trust and nourish your family with."

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