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First, Let’s Talk About Gluten
What’s the big deal with gluten? What is it exactly? Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye. Gluten is what makes the dough of bread, tortillas, and other flour-based products so elastic and doughy.

So the question is, why shouldn't you eat that toast with your breakfast? Why can’t you have that brioche bun as your sandwich bread? While indulging in these glutenous treats can be an incredibly delicious experience, it is actually wreaking havoc on your digestive system! In the U.S., wheat flour is one of the top genetically engineered crops. What this means is that the flour has been completely stripped of its nutrients and naturally occurring enzymes that actually assist the gut in breaking it down properly. The wheat crops are also heavily sprayed with pesticides, one of them being Glyphosate. Glyphosate is one of the ingredients in Roundup weed killer and has been linked to cancer.

Whether you have noticeable symptoms or not, gluten can be toxic and cause inflammation not only in the gut but throughout your body as well. Thanks Kristi from Holistic Nutrition Center for sharing this important gluten info!

Please head over to our Blog to learn more about gluten free living, just click here. Also, there is a great podcast with Dr. Greg and Hanna talking about understanding gluten free ingredients, reading labels, the importance of organic (you will be shocked!), her health story, and SO much more! Listen to podcast.

The Goodness of Grain Free

Eating grain-free means eliminating any grains such as corn, wheat, oats, and rice (please see list below) from your diet. This way of eating originally started to grow popular as Paleo/Keto became more well-known and grains were linked to digestive inflammation issues.

People have reported that after changing to a grain-free lifestyle they noticed better overall health including improved digestion and reduction in autoimmune symptoms.

Typical gluten-free breads usually contain grains such as rice, corn, and oats, which are high in sugar and offer low nutrition. The flours we use are both gluten-free & grain-free that are plant/nut based and high in vitamins and minerals.  

You do not have to be Paleo/grain-free to eat our bread but you can reap the benefits and feel good about eating it even if you aren't!

To learn more about our ingredients and bread, please visit The Bread.

Enjoy Your Delicious Freedom!

Here is a list of grains:
Barley Hominy
Bran Kamut
Brown Rice Montina Flour
Bulgur Wheat Oats
Corn / Maize Orzo
Cornflour made from corn Rice
Cornflour made from wheat Rye
Cornmeal Semolina
Couscous Sorghum
Durum Wheat (Triticum Durum) Spelt
Eikor Teff
Emmer Triticale
Farina Wheat
Farro / Emmer Wheat Berries
Freekeh Wild Rice