Katie Dunlop
Katie Dunlop
Founder & CEO, Love Sweat Fitness
Certified Personal Trainer & Sports Nutrition Specialist

"This makes living gluten-free easy and delicious! Having hypothyroidism, I thought bread was one of those things I'd just have to give up on until I tried AWG. The taste, texture, and nutrients are unlike anything else on the market, grain-free."
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Danielle D’Amico
Danielle D’Amico 
Functional Medicine Practitioner 
Genuine Wellness

"Nutrition is the foundation of my healing programs and I am always testing and seeking new products that fulfill my strict requirements. Bread has been the trickiest replacement for people and until AWG I didn’t have an ideal recommendation. Not only is it nutrient dense but its paleo friendly, organic and doesn’t contain inflammatory oils. The only source with all these criteria that I have found. The best part is that it is delicious. I recommend it to my clients and often gift it to my favorite people. My whole family loves it and we enjoy the variety of options to choose from. I love supporting a local business and a person like Hanna who is one of the most honest and kindhearted people I have ever met. I find it important to affiliate with people who live the healthy lifestyle they represent and Hanna is the exemplar of that standard."   
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Kristi Acuna, BNSU
Kristi Acuna, BNSU
Holistic Nutritionist
Owner Holistic Nutrition in Newport

"This grain-free and gluten-free bread is so nutrient-dense and yummy that it's a hit and sells out with my staff and clients! AWG bread, not only can be used for sandwiches but can be used for your favorite breakfast, French toast! It's an organic clean pesticide-free food that you can trust and nourish your family with."
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