Shipping/Pick Up

- We are closed/not shipping on Monday, June 19 for Juneteenth Federal Holiday

When to order by..
For guaranteed Monday shipping/pick up, please order by Friday 12 PM PT
For guaranteed Tuesday shipping/pick up, please order by Monday 12 PM PT
For guaranteed Friday pick up, please order by Thursday 11 AM PT
We always bake extra and try to fill as many orders as possible. 
- We are closed/do not ship on all Federal Holidays.

When do you ship?
We ship Monday and Tuesday. Our main delivery service is USPS Priority Mail because it is the fastest delivery at the best price. We do offer UPS Next Day Air or 2 Day if you would like to guarantee one/two day delivery. Please look at your Shipment email for the tracking number. With the holidays, USPS is showing a date farther out than actual delivery we are seeing. Most of the time it is delivered sooner. Since our bread does not include any dairy or egg products, it can last a long time out of the fridge while shipping. Once to your home, please follow the instructions on the packing ship. Enjoy! 

Do you ship to Canada? 
We are so sorry but we currently just ship in the United States. 

What state do you ship from?
We ship from Orange County, California. Shipping will take 1-3 days depending on location. 

Should I buy Route - Shipping Protection - with my order?
We highly recommend it!
You will see it on the Cart page. Just leave it turned ON and you are set. Sometimes a shipment might have an issue and Route (for a very small fee) will cover whatever comes up. Once we give it to USPS, AWG Bakery is not responsible for the package so we love to offer our customers this fantastic service.  

How do I file a claim with Route?
Easy! Because you added Route to your order, your package was insured from loss, damage, and theft. Please make sure to take photos of the issues you are having. You will need to submit these when you file a claim. You can report an issue with Route through the mobile app (iOS or Android), through the email you receive from Route after placing your order, or by going to If you have any questions, please let us know. You have 15 days from when the packaging was SENT to file a claim. 

Is my bread ok if it arrives late? 
Since our bread does not contain any dairy or eggs, the bread can last a long time out of the fridge. If the bread was delayed, we suggest slicing and placing in the freezer. 

My ice pack was not frozen, is the bread still ok? 
We use ice packs for 3 day shipments only for Rounds and Minis during the warm months. 
Yes the bread is still totally fine. The ice pack will be thawed by the time it arrives to you. We put the ice packs in just to keep the minis and rounds colder during transit for 3 days shipments but they will not arrive frozen to you.

Do you offer returns/refunds?
Since this is a perishable item, we do not accept returns. Please contact us within 7 days of your order being delivered if you have any issues. We are not responsible for people not liking the flavor of bread because taste is subjective or having an allergic reaction. The ingredients are listed on every product page, and it is the customer's responsibility to read this. 

Where is my order?
Here are some very helpful tips for tracking your order. Please check your email. It is the responsibility of the customer to pick up the order in a timely manner. 

1. You will receive an email with a tracking number once the shipping carrier has scanned the order.
2. You will receive 2 emails on the delivery day: Out for Delivery and Delivered. It is the customer's responsibility to collect the order once it has been delivered. 
3. Once shipped, we are not responsible for your package whether lost, stolen, or delayed. Please purchase Route when placing an order. Please contact Route through your email or USPS with your tracking number and they can help you. We do not have any more information than you do to where your order is located. 
4. Please make sure your address accepts USPS deliveries. This is the responsibility of the customer. On the Checkout Page, you can select USPS or UPS. Please verify before placing the order. AWG is not responsible for replacing your order if it gets returned because the address does not accept USPS. 

Pick Up at AWG Bakery and HNC

We have some helpful info about picking up at AWG Bakery in Laguna Hills and Holistic Nutrition Center in Newport Beach. At both of these locations you can either order online and schedule a pick up or walk in. Please click here.

What if I forget to pick up my order?
We know life gets busy. We will keep it in the fridge for you until you can pick up.


Is your bread packaged in a plastic bag?
No! As part of our company philosophy, we pride ourselves on being chemical free. One way we do this is by using a bag made from sustainable wood pulp and a label created from sugarcane and printed with vegetable ink. Both are 100% compostable and marine biodegradable. To learn more, please visit Packaging

About the Bread

What is the difference between organic almond flour and conventional almond flour? 
This is SO important to understand. Conventional almond flour farmers use propylene oxide, a super toxic fumigant. Organic almonds NEVER use this. To read more, please click here. You will be shocked! There are not many breads made with organic almond flour due to it being three times as expensive as conventional almond flour. It is our mission to give the world a truly organic, chemical free bread, and we hope our customers appreciate it. Delicious freedom!

Is your bread 100% gluten-free?
Yes, all our ingredients are gluten-free, and we bake in a 100% gluten-free kitchen.

What does grain-free mean?
Grain-free means our bread does not include any grains whatsoever (rice, oats, etc.), which most gluten-free breads contain. It fits into a Paleo/anti-inflammatory diet as well. To learn more, please visit Grain-Free.

Does your bread have fiber and protein?
Yes, our bread is high fiber and gets protein from the organic almond flour.

Is your bread Vegan?
Yes, we do not use any dairy products in our recipes.

Is your bread Paleo?
Yes, our bread is Paleo friendly, and it does not contain any grains like brown rice flour, which a lot of gluten-free breads tend to have. It also has no refined sugars.

Is your bread organic? 
Yes, we pride ourselves on using only the highest quality organic ingredients in our bread.

Does your bread contain soy? 
No, it does not contain any soy.

Where does the 1g of sugar come from in the bread? 
We use a very small amount of organic maple syrup in our bread. It is a natural and unrefined sugar.

Is your facility peanut free? 
Yes, our bread is made in a 100% peanut free facility.

Can I get the bread sliced?
We currently don't offer slicing because everyone seems to like it different thicknesses. Some like it thinner for sandwiches and some like it thicker for avocado toast. The bread is easy to cut. We recommend using a serrated bread knife to slice the bread. Also, a Bamboo Bread Slicer is really helpful. May sure to get one that has different thicknesses. Here is an example from Amazon.

Wooden Bread Slicer

How long will the bread last in the refrigerator?
We suggest 3-4 days in the refrigerator in an airtight container. Please put Rounds and Minis in the freezer upon arrival.

Can I freeze the bread?
Yes, we suggest cutting the bread into slices and then putting in an airtight container in the freezer. 

Bread Club Subscription

Can I change my subscription quantities and reoccurring shipment date?
We have made this very easy. Just login to your account and change your ordering preferences. 

Can I cancel my subscription order the day it goes through?
Please contact us on the day your order has gone through if you would like to cancel it. 

Can I cancel my subscription?
Of course! We are sad to see you go but there is no commitment subscription as long as you cancel the Friday before your Monday ship date (we can change this depending on the day). Just go into your account and cancel. 

Why is a discount code not working on my subscription order?
Discount codes only work for one-time orders. 


Whenever you have a problem, please email us photos of the issue. We always need to see what is going on so we can take care of you. This is required for any issues. We appreciate it!  

If you still have a question, please reach out at Knead Help?