Hanna's Favorite Toasts & Tales

Hanna's Favorite Toasts & Tales

Hanna Lane Hanna Lane

Hey there, bread lovers! Ever wonder who's the magic baker behind AWG Bakery's delicious gluten and grain-free bread? Meet Hanna! Not only does she rock the mompreneur life, but she's also got some serious bread expertise. In this blog, get ready to dive into Hanna's world, where she talks about on her favorite toast creations and shares some fun stories about AWG. So how much does Hanna love the bread? She actually eats it all the time. Her whole family loves it! Her husband uses it for sandwiches and their toddler happily devours it. Kid approved! We hope this will inspire you and make you feel part of the AWG family. We are here because of your support!

Black Truffle Toast

Question: What is your favorite bread flavor? 
Hanna: So, I love all the flavors but right now I am really into the Everything Loaf. With the garlic and onions mixed into the dough and then baked, wow! This flavor just adds an extra kick to any creation. I really missed bagels and cream cheese when I became grain free. It really is the main reason I came up with this flavor. My recent craving is for @yvonnesvegankitchen black truffle cheese drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and sprinkled with @primalpalate garlic and herbs. Seriously, just the best! 

Bagel with avocadoHow It All Started... Brainstorming Bagels!

Question: What was the first bread product you tried to make?
Hanna: When I was diagnosed with autoimmune issues and had to give up bread, it was SO hard!!! Not only did I have to be gluten free but also grain free. I started playing around with grain free ingredients to make a dough. The first shape I tried to make was a bagel (because I love them!) but did not have much luck so decided to focus on a round bread. There were MANY versions of what worked and what did not, just ask my family of taste testers. It took a year of determination before I finalized our Everyday Bread. Pretty much since we opened, customers have requested we create a bagel. Challenge accepted! In January, we launched our Everyday and Everything Bagels, and they have been a huge success!!! So, I have truly come full circle, what first inspired me to create my recipe is now a wonderful addition to the AWG family of products! Oh, and my favorite way to eat bagels... I LOVE them with mashed avocado and sprinkled Jennifer Fisher Universal Salt, AMAZING!

Cottage Cheese Pesto

Question: What is your go-to lunch toast?
Hanna: So my newest creation, Cottage Cheese Pesto, is amazing! I use our Rosemary Loaf as a base. I just love this flavor. When toasting, my kitchen just smells amazing. It just gives any creation an extra little kick. I top it with a pesto, cottage cheese, sundried tomatoes, and salt and pepper. The Rosemary and pesto blend perfectly. This is such a healthy fast lunch and these days with a toddler, I need fast. 

ErewhonWow, Just WOW! Pinch Me!

Question: What was your biggest highlight during your first year of being in business?
Hanna: When I was contacted by Erewhon, and they were interested in selling our bread. I was BEYOND EXCITED! Before I started AWG, I used to drive up from OC to Erewhon on my birthdays. This was my happy place. I would look around and dream of having a product sold there. Erewhon is such an experience. It is the beacon of clean, healthy food and products. So when they called, it truly was a moment of joy and gratitude and… here we go!!! Fun fact, Erewhon was our first wholesale account. I remember thinking… how do we sell wholesale? No one had asked us yet, but we figured it out, all the UPC codes, labeling, distribution, invoicing, etc. We did it! If you have an idea, never give up!!! Even today when I go to Erewhon and see our bread, I have to pinch myself! NOTE - So this was our first retail logo! Ever wonder what AWG stands for? Click here to learn and see the evolution of our brand.

I Can't Give Up Pizza

Question: When you created the Rounds, did you have pizza in mind?
Hanna: Yes! I love pizza but with going grain free I just couldn't find a good crust. After we came out with the Everyday Minis, I was trying to decide the next product. I really missed pizza and was trying to see how I could use the dough as a crust. After some testing with size and thickness, the Everyday Rounds were born! Did you know the Rounds are our second most popular product, first being the Everyday Loaf? My main intention was to offer pizzas crusts to our customers but quickly we realized they were so versatile. There is SO much you can do with these little round gems. I love them!

Thanks so much for reading about Hanna's favorite toast-creations and her story behind creating our breads. We hope this inspires you!!! 

Everyday Rounds - Great For Mini Pizza

Everyday Rounds - Great For Mini Pizza


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