We have teamed up with a leading manufacturer who specializes in environmentally friendly food packaging. Not only are the bags and labels 100% compostable, they are even manufactured in the USA with wind energy! 

The compostable films used to produce the cello bags are derived from sustainable wood pulp. They are certified 100% compostable, meet FDA regulations for food packaging, Non-GMO, and support regenerative agriculture practices. The films do not contain any bisphenol (including BPA and over a dozen other derivatives), and are free of phthalates. The wood-based BioPlastic is made of more than 90% biomatter. 

The BioPlastic material is made from FSC-certified wood cellulose fibers sourced using sustainable forestry principles, the best alternative to Non-GMO polylactic acid (PLA). The films used to produce these bags are 97% renewable content and meet the American composting norms for California and other states.

Labels are also are 100% compostable and meet the European Certified Industrial Compostable standard. 

Enjoy Your Eco-Freedom!