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We are here to help! Thank you so much for purchasing Navidium Shipping Protection insurance. 

In this contact form, please let us know your situation with as much detail as possible so we can assist you as fast as possible. Depending on the claim, you might be asked to submit photos. We highly suggest taking photos of the box and bread before discarding anything. Also, please include your order number. We really appreciate as much information as possible. 

You have 15 days from when the packaging was SENT to file a claim.

All customers receive the followings emails to help you track your bread:
- Order confirmation
- Shipment notification the day the bread ships with the tracking number
- Out for delivery
- Delivered

Since our bread is perishable and needs to be refrigerated/frozen upon arrival, we make every effort through email to let you know when the bread is shipped, out for delivery, and delivered. Also, these emails and your packing slip state the care instructions for when your bread arrives. 

We are so sorry for any issue you are having, and look forward to helping you enjoy your bread!