Rosemary Pesto Grilled Cheese Using AWG Gluten Free Rosemary Bread

Rosemary Pesto Grilled Cheese

Hanna Lane

Sure, you’ve had grilled cheese before and of course you loved it. But have you ever had a grilled cheese with pesto on our AWG Rosemary Bread?! Level. Up.


  1. Spread olive oil or butter on 2 slices of Rosemary Bread, just one side.
  2. Place one side down on a pan set to medium.
  3. Add your choice of cheese, a generous spoonful of pesto and more cheese.
  4. Add the second slice of rosemary bread, spread side up. 
  5. Cook in a pan until the cheese starts to melt and the rosemary becomes fragrant then flip!
  6. Cook the other side until you simply cannot wait any longer. Level up your grilled cheese & never look back!! 

.Recipe by @kaileeinthekitchen