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Daily Dose of Dr. Greg Gluten Free Living Podcast with Hanna

Hanna Lane

Hanna had a fantastic time talking with Dr. Greg about understanding gluten free ingredients, reading labels, the importance of organic (you will be shocked!), her health story, and SO much more! Grab your favorite drink and a slice of AWG and get ready to really dive deep into the importance of being gluten free and organic.

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Greg Mongeon is a father to 5 active kids, husband to the love of his life, functional medicine doctor, speaker, and leader. His philosophy is the doctor of the future is YOU! And Dr. Greg is actively empowering his clients through mentoring, self-care and optimizing mindset.

He not only treats people locally but also treats people from all over the world. He devotes his time to treating people. His passion for connecting with people, providing hope and understanding with autoimmune disease and uncovering the root cause, is what separates him from others in the field.

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